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While Benfield, as a company, will not stand in any corner while this goes throughs congress; we can all agree on one thing. The Sequester would be devestating for so many people and businesses just coming out of a 21st century depression.

The white house has put in their plan to avoid this so now what? We wait. That is all we can do.

How and why this all begun was just a few years back so for those who need a quick summary of what is happening, here we go:

During the last few years, both the Democratic and Republican parties had come together with hopes in reducing America's deficits by clost to $3 billion. A majority of this amount was accomplished through spending cuts and tax increases on 1% of the wealthiest Americans. With both approaches working together, it contributed to getting us halfway to the goal set of $4 trillion in our deficit reduction. A decifit that highly educated ecnomists have urged us as something we need to get done for the stabilization of our nation and our finances.

Now, let's speed up to 2011 when Congress out in a place a law that basically stated if both parties could not agree on a plan to get us to that $4 trillion mark, then harsh cuts would begin, starting this year. The mindset behind this was to make these cuts so unappealing to both parties that they would have to work together to fix the deficit, make more sense of taxes, and the list goes on. Only problem is, Congress was wrong.

Where we stand now?

Since both parties have not come together, Americans face a list of consequences that could begin as early as next friday.

If, by chance, Congress doesn't put a stop to this, not only will it put our military at risk, it will almost evaporate all of the investments that have been placed in the educational systems, advancement in medical research and conservation of energy.

When it comes to what Americans needs are, Congress choices seem to have no difference from the next.

So, wait we shall....

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