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Solar energy has arrived. Efficient, affordable and easy to maintain, it's quickly becoming the energy option of choice among homeowners. Commercial Solar is ideal for companies who'd like to greatly lower their electric bills and invest in a clean, renewable source of power.

Given the ever-increasing cost of electricity, solar electric systems are a wise investment. While reducing costs month-to-month, it easily pays for itself over time (average of 3 years). The system also protects a portion of your electric bill from future utility rate increases – a comforting fact when budgeting your businesses expenses. Even the cost of a new solar electric system has been substantially reduced by current incentives from utilities and the government.

Solar is now cheaper than your power company!

  • Reduce or eliminate your power bill (avg. 50%)
  • Take advantage of government incentives
  • Start saving money from day 1
  • Clean, reliable energy for your company
  • Increased value of home

Benefits of Solar Power

  1. Reduction of Energy Costs
    • Solar panels are used to turn the sun’s energy into DC current. An inverter is then used to turn the DC current into AC current, which is used to power appliances in your home. All the electricity that is generated by the solar panels is transferred to a grid. This grid is used by your electrical company to reimburse you for unused energy. Reduce as energy costs continue to rise.
  2. Minimal Maintenance Required.
    • Solar panels do need an occasional cleaning to allow for maximum efficiency. You will also have a warranty that comes with your purchase (typically a 25 year warranty).
  3. Increase in Property Value.
    • By having solar panels installed at your home, you are also adding to the value of your home. Solar energy generates an ongoing energy cost savings.
  4. Protection from Rising Energy Rates.
    • By producing your homes own energy, you avoid future price increases by not purchasing electricity from a provider.
  5. Environmental.
    • Solar energy is not just sustainable, it’s renewable and this means that we will never run out of it. By purchasing solar panels, you will be part of the growing population that is eliminating pollution caused from coal, oil and gas.

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